Clinical Evidence

Clinical Evidence for Tactile Medical Products

Tactile Medical is a leader in developing clinical evidence to support the use of our products. We actively collaborate with medical professionals, researchers and industry groups. We have a strong commitment to developing clinical evidence with nationally and internationally recognized clinicians and researchers.

Clinical research is fundamental to Tactile Medical’s mission of advancing the standard of at-home treatment of lymphedema and venous ulcers. Our commitment to research has resulted in dozens of peer-reviewed clinical studies and scholarly articles—more than any other compression pump manufacturer. In partnership with medical researchers and centers of excellence, Tactile Medical demonstrates the clinical, patient and cost benefits of the Flexitouch® System and ACTitouch™ Adaptive Compression Therapy system in treating chronic swelling.


Clinical Evidence on Flexitouch Treatment

Clinical studies show the effectiveness of Flexitouch pneumatic compression therapy.

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Clinical Evidence for ACTitouch Treatment

Clinical studies show the benefits of ACTitouch dual-compression therapy.

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