Douglas’s Story

When Doug Rising suffered pulmonary embolism at the age of 29, just one year out of the service, it changed his life. "It led to damage of my leg vein valves that are supposed to keep the blood from moving backwards. It got to the point where the blood only flowed down and not back up."

Now that Doug is 68, he explains how complications of his condition have impacted his health: "In 2011 I had a large, painful non-healing wound that wrapped all the way around the front and back of my leg. It got so bad that I had my left leg amputated below the knee. Before my amputation, I had edema (swelling) in both my legs and feet, and ulcers on both legs."

"I was in terrible pain," said Doug as he described the past 39 years of his life. "I did not have a career. I held a number of different jobs during my life. Recently, I even started a small sharpening business to supplement my social security income." Doug sharpens knives, scissors and groomers' blades. "It is not easy for anyone to find good work with my condition."

Doug underwent more surgery at the VA in Lancaster, South Dallas. He recalls going to his rehabilitation appointments there. "At my rehab clinic I learned of the ACTitouch," explained Doug. "The ACTitouch was my last hope."

The ACTitouch Adaptive Compression Therapy system, manufactured by Tactile Medical in Minneapolis, MN, provides compression to the limb with a comfortable, easy-to-wear device. Sustained compression applied with compression wraps has long been the standard for treating venous leg ulcers. Until now, no single device has combined intermittent and sustained compression, clinically proven to improve and accelerate healing.2,3,15

"The ACTitouch is so easy to understand that when they tried to explain it to me, I told them, 'I already got it.' It is easy to take on and off and it does not hinder my mobility. I can do whatever I want to do with it on. Plus, you can wear it underneath clothing and with regular shoes."

"I have had my ACTitouch for three weeks, and my ulcer is reduced by 50−60 percent. The rate of healing is phenomenal. In four to six weeks, I expect that my wound will be completely healed."

When asked about pain, Doug declared, "The pain is gone for the first time in 30 years. This is the first time in almost 40 years that I can see the light, and it is not the light of an oncoming train. The ACTitouch is allowing me to experience joy. It is just short of miraculous. That pretty well covers it."