Flexitouch – Home Based Lymphedema Treatment in Patients With and Without Cancer-Related Lymphedema

Author : Sheila Ridner, PhD, RN, Elizabeth McMahon, PhD, Mary Dietrich, PhD, and Sunday Hoy, Esq.

Published : Oncology Nursing Forum. 2008; Vol. 35(4): 671–680

Purpose : To compare treatment protocol adherence, satisfaction, and perceived changes in emotional and functional status between patients with lymphedema with and without cancer using the home-based Flexitouch systems for lymphedema self-care.

Results : Participants without cancer were more adherent to the prescribed protocol. Both groups were satisfied with the system, perceived it to be effective, and reported improvement in physical and emotional status. Participants’ use of professional manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) therapy, self-MLD, and bandaging declined after they initiated use of the Flexitouch system.

Conclusions : 90% of patients using the Flexitouch system were satisfied with the device and perceived it to be beneficial in management of their lymphedema. Contact us to request full text article