Jim’s Story

Jim’s story began more than two decades ago. “I was diagnosed with deep venous thrombosis in 1991, and complications just got worse over time. I have been dealing with wounds on my leg for 15 years,” Jim related.

The personal challenges for Jim have been difficult. Fortunately for him and others with similar conditions, medical technology has improved. Tactile Medical offers devices that can help alleviate symptoms stemming from venous insufficiency.

Jim had tried compression therapy in the past. He used compression stockings alone, but they were painful and did not do the trick. “I eventually had to wear a level three compression stocking,” said Jim, “And it put my leg to sleep. The stocking was uncomfortable. The open wounds just wouldn’t go away. My wounds were big and ugly. Each morning when I woke up, I just knew my day would be full of pain.”

The ACTitouch heals

ACTitouch is a new device which was developed in conjunction with practicing physicians. It combines comfortable, easy to apply intermittent compression therapy (on and off pressure to the leg) with the standard sustained compression therapy usually provided by stockings. The combined therapy has been shown to speed healing of venous ulcers like Jim’s.1,2,3

Jim said, “After I started using the ACTitouch, I could tell my wounds were healing after three days. Within seven days the wounds were gone. I don’t have any wounds at all now. ACTitouch is comfortable, and I am able to wear it all day at work with my jeans and regular shoes. It healed my wounds perfectly. I used to change my compression stockings every two months, but getting the ACTitouch has been a huge cost savings.”

Life with the ACTitouch

Finally, after years of daily pain that wore him down, Jim says he has energy to burn. “Now, I can participate in my hobby of helping families with their farms — I can do a large portion of the work. I feel good about that.”

“I love my ACTitouch,” Jim continued. “And the people at Tactile Medical are fabulous people to work with. They answer your questions at any time by phone or e-mail. Really, they are just a great group of people to work with. Just like their devices, the Tactile Medical people make everything easier.” “My attitude has improved, and other people have noticed,” Jim shared. “I feel better about myself. My life went from a one to a 10.”

Individual results will vary. Follow the instructions of your healthcare provider at all times.
The ACTitouch System is intended for use by patients who are under medical supervision. Indications include enhancing venous return, reducing venous leg ulcer healing time, treating and promoting healing of stasis dermatitis and venous stasis ulcers, treating chronic venous insufficiency, reducing edema due to venous stasis, and treating lymphedema. The ACTitouch System should not be used if you have an ankle brachial pressure index of less than 0.8, have diagnosed or suspected acute deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism, pulmonary edema, leg gangrene, acute thrombophlebitis, decompensated/congestive cardiac failure, severe arteriosclerosis or other ischemic vascular disease, diabetes in association with peripheral arterial disease, acute infections of the skin such as cellulitis, or any lower limb malignancy. For more information about the ACTitouch System, go to http://www.tactilemedical.com/actitouch for the complete user’s guide, or call toll-free at 866.435.3948.
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