Net Health Announces Collaboration with Tactile Medical to Provide Pneumatic Compression Solutions

Pittsburgh, PA – February 3, 2014

Net Health, the leader in software solutions for outpatient specialty care, is pleased to announce its clients can now order Flexitouch® and ACTitouch products from Tactile Medical electronically through the WoundExpert software, the nation’s leading software solution for wound care.

“Providers across the wound care spectrum benefit when industry leaders like Tactile Medical are connected in the WoundExpert software.” said Christopher Hayes, Net Health’s Chief Technology Officer. He added, “When every step in the ordering process is a direct, electronic exchange, clinicians save time and improve order accuracy, leading to better patient care.”

“This partnership is an example of steps we are taking to simplify and improve the Tactile Medical order process,” said Cathy Gendreau, Business Director. “The Connections Program in the WoundExpert software streamlines documentation and saves clinics valuable time when ordering pneumatic compression for patients, allowing Flexitouch® and ACTitouch prescription and authorization in one simple step.”

Tactile Medical represents a growing number of 24 vendors to offer its products in the WoundExpert software through the Net Health Connections Program.

About Net Health

Net Health is the leader in software solutions for outpatient specialty care. The company’s certified Electronic Health Records (EHR) are utilized by more than 30,000 healthcare professionals in more than 1,800 facilities to record clinical procedures and drive financial results while improving patient care and outcomes. The WoundExpert® software provides integrated clinical, financial, and regulatory solutions to enhance patient care and facility performance across the wound care continuum. Net Health’s database of over 6 million patient encounters represents the largest independent source of chronic wound benchmarking data in the industry. Agility EHR® 10 is the only ARRA–certified and CCHIT Certified® 2011 Complete EHR that addresses the needs of urgent care and occupational health providers, as well as hospital employee health, available in both an individual provider and enterprise health system configurations. The Agility software has served hospitals for more than 20 years and tracks data for one million healthcare workers in the US. Learn more at

About Tactile Medical

Tactile Medical (formerly Tactile Systems Technology Inc.), headquartered in Minneapolis, is a leader in lymphedema and venous ulcer therapies, serving tens of thousands of patients throughout the U.S. The home therapy device company manufactures and provides products for patients with chronic edema, including the Flexitouch® system, an advanced pneumatic compression device and Entré́, a simple pneumatic compression device. Tactile Medical also offers the ACTitouch Adaptive Compression Therapy system, an ambulatory, dual–compression device for patients with venous leg ulcers. Tactile Medical’s mission is to advance the standard of care in at–home therapies for chronic diseases and improve patients’ health and quality of life. Visit for more information.