ACTitouch Mechanism of Action

ACTitouch Product Use Information

Patients should perform both intermittent and sustained compression therapies each day. For best results, the ACTitouch system should be worn during all waking hours.


Intermittent Pneumatic Compression

  • Perform two hours daily, all at once or for at least 30 minutes at a time, while seated or reclining comfortably (requires a power source and adapter)
  • Inflates chambers sequentially from ankle to upper calf (distal to proximal), producing waves of pressure that mimic the pumping action of the calf muscle
    • (A) 40 mmHg*
    • (B) 45 mmHg*
    • (C) 50 mmHg*
    • (D) 50 mmHg*


Sustained Gradient Compression

  • Perform at least 10 hours daily, at home or on the go (uses battery power)
  • Delivers sustained pressures that decrease from ankle to upper calf (distal to proximal)
    • (A) 20 mmHg*
    • (B) 30 mmHg*
    • (C) 40 mmHg*
    • (D) 40 mmHg*

*±5 mmHg