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Lymphedema and chronic venous insufficiency pose a unique set of challenges for clinicians and patients. There is currently no cure for these chronic progressive conditions and, if left untreated, they can lead to cellulitis (recurrent infections), fibrosis (progressive hardening and thickening of the skin), decreased mobility and dexterity, and increased pain.

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Overcoming Barriers to Compliance

Patients with chronic swelling or chronic leg ulcers often struggle to self-manage their conditions at home. Among the barriers: inability to perform self-MLD (manual lymphatic drainage), difficulty with consistent compression bandaging, or cumbersome and uncomfortable compression systems. The Flexitouch® System and the ACTitouch™ Adaptive Compression Therapy system address these obstacles by enhancing patient comfort and improving self-management. Tactile Medical’s portable, unobtrusive products give patients more control and engagement with their treatment, while improving patient self-image issues associated with the aesthetics and bulkiness of traditional compression methods.

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Advocating for Patient Access

Tactile Medical works directly with health plans to help ensure that patients receive the best possible treatment at home. Our experienced reimbursement specialists will streamline the ordering and reimbursement process for you.

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Clinical Evidence for Tactile Medical Products

Clinical studies and articles showing the proven effectiveness of our products.

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Coverage, Coding and Payment Options

HCPCS codes, insurance coverage, payment options and assistance.

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